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We are export consolidators and we are PROUD of our 25+ year service record.

Our company adheres to the values of HONESTY- INTEGRITY - SERVICE and as such CLIENT TRUST is PARAMOUNT.

At Dynamic Deal every day we ask ourselves the all-important question: WHAT'S IN IT FOR OUR CUSTOMER?

We know that quality doesn't just mean product quality but service quality as well.

Under the able stewardship and guidance of Mr. Hitesh Lalchandani we strive to give you not just the best price but with the best service.

About Us



A bit about our respected Founder and CEO:



Mr. Hitesh Lalchandani


Mr. Hitesh Lalchandani started his trading career at the ripe age of 21 years. Being from a very good family and an honors scholar throughout both school and university he left his native city of Mumbai, India with his newly-wedded wife reaching the shores of Dubai, UAE in May 1992.
Life was not easy, he had to learn how to adapt to a new land, cater to his growing family as well as grow his business.
Never one to shy away from challenges he soon realized that leveraging his personality would help his business.


His honest, straightforward approach not only helped him build a clientele involving repeat business but he also became the "go-to" guy for most problems in the market. Such was his resourceful and magnanimous nature that he never hesitated in extending a helping hand to his neighbours in the marketplace even if they happened to be his direct competitors. This diligence and sincerity along with his humility earned him the respect not just of his clients but of all the other traders in the marketplace.


Today Mr. Hitesh is a senior experienced trader (since 1994) in the fields of electronics, real- estate, technical, food as well as non-food products. Since 2011 he has realized the need to specialize to best serve a discerning clientele and therefore now galvanizes his experience, focusing solely on food and non-food products.





We are exporting a variety of products as a General Trading Company. Kindly contact us for our product list - and we will be happy to respond!
Although we are specialists in exports to Asia and the Middle East  we have 30+ (since 1994) years of exporting across the globe.
So why should you deal with us?


  • Well-versed with paper work and all kinds of documentation needed to export any product.
  • Our customer service record.
  • Our solid network of manufacturers and distributors.
  • During our entire 30+ years (since 1994) of service experience (not 25+ years) we have taken care to build and nurture relationships with supermarket owners of all sizes / specialties, wholesalers, distributors, importers, traders as well as other exporters across the globe.
  • Our Price Competitiveness - always making sure it is a DYNAMIC DEAL for our CUSTOMERS FIRST!
  • We have a Dedicated Sales and Accounts team to cater to all your business requirements.
  • We have adequate storage facilities to procure, check, assort and then load all dimensions of goods into containers.

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